Thursday, July 1, 2010

Failing W/Style!

WHOO-HOOO I'm failing w/style................ ya know those goals i've talked about and lists that I've made.... Well, haven't followed any of it yet!  I know way to go me! 
it's just silly now, I've got all these plans, and goals, and dreams and I'm just not getting them done....

So, on our little vacation (more tomorrow) I read a book titled  Time Mangaement for the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern.   It is a really good book, you may have heard about her other book Organzining from the Inside Out.  My mom gave me both her books, or maybe I "borrowed" them from her.  

I'm summarizing my notes from her book.  She writes that a goal is a destination and an activity is how you get there.  Makes sense right! Like DUH!!  A goal, is WHY you want to do something.  I've come up with my Big Picture Goals in the areas of Work, Family, Home, Self and Friendship, and I'll share later what the specific goals are, and what are my activities are to get to those goals!

Also, another thing Julie talks about is a TIME MAP....  which is a schedule (yucky word for me) BUT stick w/me..... to help you (copying from her book) "to make time for your activities"  and once again here is another HUGE DUH! 
so hopefully, you will stayed tuned for my journey thru once again another way to manage my time!

Tomorrow, i'll tell y'all about our family trip (not a vacation b/c REALLY is going anywhere w/ a truckload of food and clothing a vacation.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!)  It was good and fun though!

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