Monday, February 22, 2010

List Making.................

I LOVE lists, they make me so happy, so organzied, so smart, and notebooks are even better.  I could collect notebooks, they are always so pretty, and just all the blank pages bekon me to write and make lists.......

Two things I did to make my day go much faster, smoother and easier, make a master grocery list and make an blank hourly schedule/calender. 

I've been wanting to make this master grocery list for a while now, and one day about 3 weeks ago I did it!  You know, if you want something down, just sit down and do it, stop thinking about, talking about it, JUST DO IT!  (there, now is that enough motivation for you or what!)  From, what I can remember, I think it only took me about an hour, and I just typed out a list of any item (by memory) that we buy at the grocery store.
How I use it:  Every week, when I am ready to make out my list, I print the master list off the computer, and just circle each item that we need.  I think this saves me at least 10-15 minutes b/c I'm not writing the same thing done week after week.  Now, as I find things missing from the list, I will add them.  I have it divided up into categories, and it is organized by our route thru the store.  It isn't in alphabetical order yet, but i'm thinking that is the next step, and then the items would be much easier to find on the list.   So, an hour of my time one week, saves me 10-15 min. each week, so it will "pay for itself" in about a month.... I think that is time well spent.

Next,  I made up my own daily schedule.  I've tried this several times before, but with only short-lived success.  Since, I've been frustrated with not getting much done, I once again took the advice of my very wise friend.  She has told me this several times before, so thank you Diane for telling me once again.  I've been thinking, a teacher takes some time to plan out thier day, so why can't I?  So, every Sunday, I will sit down for a little bit, list any projects (w/steps) and phone calls, visits, emails, my blog that I would like to get done each week.  Then, I will divide it up between the days of the week, and that gives me focus, instead of wandering around wasting time, I have everything planned out.  Since, I've lately figured out my life, I really like schedules and routines.  This was my 3rd day to do it, so I just need to keep going! 

Now, the key will be to actually keep this going, but I am at that place in my life, where I am ready to do this, be a planner, be organized, get things done, instead of wishing that I could be that way.  Right now, I feel like I've hit a wall, and I think if I can knock down this wall, get past it, then i will be on my way to success with my goals.  I'm pretty happy and excited!!

Here's a link to my Daily Schedule and my Grocery List!

Thanks for reading!


Kim said...

I have to make a list to go to the store, or I will forget everything. But other than that, I am not much of a list maker. I am working on it, though. Maybe you will inspire me. :-)

Sew Chic said...

OMG i loved your grocery idea and daily schedule thank you so much for sharing.

I look forward to your baby booties for Sew it..

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Cara @ Health Home and Happiness said...

I love lists too! I finally figured out the schedule thing- I have to not schedule in 15 minute increments, but give a more 'rough' timeline... that's what works for us :)