Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I watched this Joshua Brody Francis: Hair Poofing 101 last week, and tried it!  I'm so excited!  my hair is longer, and it doesn't have layers, but it still worked out really, really well!

Here are the results!

this is on Sunday!

and then on Monday!

a view of the back!

and here is the hairspray I used.  I tried to find the hairspray she bought, I couldn't, I think the key word is
this stuff worked pretty good! 

I am soo very happy this worked, and it didn't take too long at all.  It just opens up a whole new world of style for me! No bumpits were used in this hairstyle, very happy not to spend the $10 on them thingies.


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Diana said...

Thank for sharing. My kis would LOVE those cookies! I went and bought the Bumpits. They wore them once and gave up. I would have to check out the 101 on it and have them try that. I on the other hand have hair to my backend and it is too heavy, looks like a a rats nest when I try. So funny, me...not you. Anyway, thank you for sharing.