Friday, January 29, 2010

Frugal Friday Tip + more.....

Today, it has been almost a week since I've washed my hair!  you are thinking GROSS!!! right, no........ not at all.
I am making my own conditioner. 

This is the recipe (and for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it) but here it is...

Homemade Conditioner

 make a mixture of 1/4 c. apple cider vinegar,
little bit of lemon juice and
1 qt. water.

before I washed my hair, I put olive oil on my hair for 30 min., then I washed w/shampoo and then poured the "conditioner" on my hair, let it set for 5 min or so and then rinsed.  My hair is so soft and clean feeling.  Now, I know you are wondering about the smell.  Well, let me share, it smelled so horrible when I was poring it on my hair, I thought I was gonna die, BUT, the smell lasted for only a few minutes, and then not so bad..... After my hair dried, I couldn't smell in vinegar at all and my DH couldn't smell anything either.... so very successful I would say.....
Now, normally, I would have to wash my hair every other day b/c it would start to feel gross, and my head would get all itchy.  NOT a bit w/this new "rinse".  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next, I'll be making my own shampoo! :)

I just wanted to also report on my goals this week.  um, well.... sorta, o.k.  um, I lost my um....  list :) teehee :)

and moving on.... Joe made some Jambalaya for supper tonite. 

We had his parents over to help eat it.... we are planning on making this a monthly habit of fixin' a pot of jambalaya and inviting friends over to eat and play Wii.  Joe showed his 60 yr. old + parents how to play, Gordy played around of bowling, and Janice had a turn at the Island Flyover.  I think they had a good time :)

Oh, I'm from the Midwest, and am not a huge fan of spicy foods :( so this is what I ate for supper.

Toast w/strawberry jam/jelly, (i can't remember the difference)

I made some Valentine crafts this week!
Here is my vase:

Do u like my "Just a dollar" flowers?

I took this
+ some of this...
and made a Valentine's decoration.

I only had to buy the flowers.  Everything else, I had around the house!

oh and I made some of these:
I used some modge podge and candy hearts

don't forget the GLITTER!!!

My friend Lin is moving into an apartment on Monday!  Guess who she asked to help her decorate it??
do ya need a hint?

she will be my first "client"

Her theme is Paris!

and we are both pretty thrify, so I'm gonna be doing a lot of projects, and of course taking pictures and posting them here!

And one more thing....
did u know that pawn shops have layaway?
cool! right???
so, I'm gonna check it out soon. 

on my list:

way cool camera


video camera

oh and joe wants a flat screen tv, so after MUCH hesitation he agreed we can go there to check them out!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
(It's gonna be cold and rainy here, so I'm staying inside!)


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Brittany@Superwoman said...

Hi! You need to post a picture of your message board! I'm excited to see it up in your house!