Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Things I want to do this year!

So, of course, since it is a new year, new beginning, new decade I decided I want to make some goals, things I want to get done this year! This is going to be a random listing......

send more cards, read the Bible thru in a year, make all the birthday presents, exercise: I want to run a 5K, do some pilates, stretching, core and strenght training, eating healthy, increase my water intake, decrease my coke intake, eat fruits and veggies, learn to like yogurt, veggies, and salads, try to eat more organic, take my vitamins and supplements, and use natural/aromatherapy healing, make and do more from scratch, work with the kids on doing their chores, Bible memory verses, learning church songs, do some fun science/craft projects at home, do a TON of crafting.......... the list can go on,

Obviously, I can't do it all starting tomorrow DUH! :), but I'll be working out a plan, and make some charts and graphs to moniter my progess, and am going to be sharing my progress on here, along with recipies and crafts, and pictures, and all that sorta fun stuff!

I'm pretty excited!!!!



Kim said...

This sounds obvious, but I can't tell you how long I went without doing it. I printed up a month off the calendar of my Outlook on my computer. I write down (in pencil) the things I want to do that month. I usually do 2 months at a time. I schedule craft projects, blog posts, kid adventures, and play dates. It helps me to realize I can do it. The list seems so monumental when written down all at once or stuck in your head. When you actually space them out over a period of time, it becomes very do-able and less intimidating. Go for it!!!

Sarah said...

I don't know how to reply to your comment, but I really like that idea! Thanks!