Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 365

O.k. so this is my second post, and this blogging is a lot more involved than I thought.  I've been following and reading a lot of blogs the last 6 months, so I have ideas, but I'm not sure how to do anything, so I'll be learning how to do all this. :)

Well, there is this Project 365 started by Becky. (I hope I did all this right!)  Well, she takes a picture every day, and then has this cool album to scrapbook it in.  Way Cool!  O.k. so I can't get the album, but I'm gonna do it anyway! 

So my first pictures were taken today and they are of my family playing our new Wii!

I think I will be working on my picture taking and editing this year too! :)

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